About Consumers Choice Awards

The Consumers Choice Awards (CCA) is an annual event organized by consumers guide magazine (CGM). Each year, CGM recognizes the best companies and individuals for their sober efforts in business excellence and for keeping the consumers’ best interests in mind. CCA was established to recognize leading brands for their earnest and relentless efforts in business excellence and for keeping the customer’s best interests in mind. Annually we conduct a comprehensive statistical independent market research survey to determine brand reputation, customer satisfaction and business excellence, quality, value, professionalism, and integrity of businesses to their consumers. The Consumers Choice award recognizes the brand that consistently delivers a high level of service to its customers, day in day out.

It is a true reflection of the marketplace as it represents the opinion of consumers and buyers across Uganda. Awards for Consumers Voted by Consumers. Real Votes, Real Winners.


To honour companies and individuals who go that extra distance for their customers and also make sure they get the recognition they so richly deserve. The CCA is devoted to identifying and promoting businesses that exemplify excellent customer service, integrity, and professionalism.


To recognize and nurture business excellence through customer service reviews and recommendations for the benefit of local enterprises and the customers they serve.

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