Each year across Uganda, Consumers Guide Magazine, will always gather opinions, perceptions and expectations through the responses of thousands of consumers and businesses.

And all winners go through a vigorous selection process conducted by a third party research firm to ensure only the most outstanding service providers are the winners within their respective industry.

In order to provide consumers with the most sophisticated consumer-driven selection process results available today, Consumers Guide Magazine has developed a selection process where the awards winners are identified through two vigorous processes. The award-winners are identified by our exclusive ranking process where consumers vote the top-ranked service providers and businesses for each category.

The ranking process is based on:

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Business excellence
  3. Business reputation and Several other impossible to fake factors.

An independent market research firm conducts the research. All award winners are rigidly screened via the following process:

  • Consumers Guide Magazine determines businesses to be included–Then the sample is populated with company names.
  • Research Study is then conducted with close-ended question. Voting is both on line and on ground survey
  • The results and the ranking of companies are analyzed using a scientific formula.
  • Then the “Top Choice Winner” per category is awarded to the most outstanding service provider.

Each step of our Four-Step Process helps us to precisely determine and rank companies. They include multiple sources of research data and complex evaluation processes that enable Consumers Guide Magazine to understand how well companies meet the needs and satisfy their consumer’s expectations.

Away from Open and closed study, businesses must pass an ethical business review before they are declared as the overall winners. We use an independent regulatory business law firm for this purpose.

The bottom line: Consumers Choice Awards recipients are NOT selected by a panel of Judges, but are chosen by the consumers.

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