What Does Winning the Award Mean to a Business & Consumer.

A business that has earned the Consumers Choice Award has differentiated itself from the crowd in a meaningful way.

As an award for Customer Service Excellence, the CCA provides businesses with special recognition that is both powerful and meaningful. Because the award is based on a survey of consumers with honest opinions across a wide demographic spectrum, the CCA represents a “Seal of Excellence” that shoppers can take trust and confidence in.

No one can “buy” a win by advertising, partnering or working with Consumers Guide Magazine and its various team members! Financial/advertising considerations play no part in the results. Results are completely independent. You have to earn it with hard work and consistent high levels of great customer service.

For recipients, the award not only constitutes the crowning achievement of their efforts, but also represents the knowledge that they have earned the trust and loyalty of consumers.

It is more than an award; it is the opportunity to set your company apart from all other companies in your industry and tell everyone with a powerful message that sets you apart from your competitors.

Only the top-ranked companies are recognized and offered the rights to use our seal of business excellence in all your marketing communications.
The Consumers Choice Award seal is the symbol of this recognition and provides the exclusive rights to the recipient company.

No COMPETITOR can duplicate that, and no amount of advertising can buy that kind of credibility. This award provides your company with a very powerful validation of your customer satisfaction and business excellence.

We invite consumers to use our recognition when they want to minimize their purchasing risk because the cost is relatively high and they are also not entirely familiar with the services they are seeking.

In today’s frenetic and demanding world, most consumers put a premium on their time and money and have become more discerning about whom they wish to do business with.

Ultimately, the consumers choice award is an additional reference point in a consumers search for the optimal provider for the services they desire.

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