Why the Consumers Choice Awards (CCA).

CCA represents a “Seal of Excellence” that shoppers can take trust and confidence in.

We are all consumers, every day, everywhere. And when things go wrong, we pay the price. Sometimes that price is something small, sometimes the price can be our health or rights or our lives.

The Consumers Choice Award helps consumers choose wisely for their personal, home and business needs. The result is fewer regrets, and saved time and money. Poor purchase decisions often result in quite the opposite. Take the guesswork out of your next purchase!

When choosing a bank, courier service company, digital pay TV company etc, consumers want to know whom they are really dealing with. Quality, professionalism and trust are all important considerations when choosing a service provider. The Consumers Choice awards help consumers make the right choice.

We invite consumers to use our recognition when they want to minimize their purchasing risk because the cost is relatively high and they are also not entirely familiar with the services they are seeking.

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